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Unbridled Supply Dampens Nat-Gas Prices

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Market Analysis

Nat-gas prices suffered losses on Thursday, with April Nymex natural gas (NGJ24) closing down by -0.016 (-0.94%). The dismal performance was attributed to the overwhelming supply of nat-gas in the United States.

Historical Context

This setback echoes the harsh reality facing the nat-gas market as Thursday’s weekly EIA inventory report revealed that US nat-gas inventories sit at a staggering +41.0% above their 5-year average as of March 15, marking the most significant surplus seen in nearly eight years.

Current Climate

The forecast for nat-gas remains uncertain, with the Commodity Weather Group predicting colder than average temperatures for the western and central US from March 26-20. In contrast, the eastern US is expected to experience warmer conditions. Β 

The Fall of Nat-Gas Prices

Nat-gas prices have plummeted this year, plunging to a 3-1/2 year nearest-futures low (H24) in late February. The milder winter contributed significantly to reduced heating consumption for nat-gas, resulting in inventories soaring well above average levels.

Impact of Climate Patterns

The US Climate Prediction Center has also shed light on the situation, indicating a greater than 55% likelihood that the ongoing El Nino weather pattern will persist strongly in the Northern Hemisphere through March. This pattern spells continued above-average temperatures, further suppressing nat-gas prices.

Production Challenges

Additional pressure on nat-gas prices ensued after the Freeport LNG nat-gas export terminal in Texas confronted operational issues due to extreme cold weather. The shutdown of one production unit led to restricted capacity, limiting US nat-gas exports and exacerbating nat-gas inventories.

Supply and Demand Analysis

Lower-48 state dry gas production remains robust, standing at 100.0 bcf/day according to BNEF, while state gas demand hit 88.2 bcf/day, indicating a notable increase from the previous year. Notably, LNG net flows to US LNG export terminals have seen a slight decrease.

Electricity Output Decline

A reduction in US electricity output poses a challenge to nat-gas demand from utility providers. The recent report by the Edison Electric Institute highlighted a decline in total US electricity output, signaling a negative trend for nat-gas consumption.

Outlook on Inventory

The most recent weekly EIA report painted a bleak picture for nat-gas prices, with an unexpected rise of +7 bcf in inventories for the week ending March 15, surpassing the 5-year average decline. The surplus further exacerbated the issue, pushing nat-gas supplies to levels significantly above the seasonal average.

Drilling Rig Activity

Despite the challenges, there was a marginal uptick in the number of active US nat-gas drilling rigs, as reported by Baker Hughes. The rise to 116 rigs brought some respite, albeit the figure still remains above the 2-year low observed previously.

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