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Friday Flurry in the Options Market: HUN, CR, CPRI

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High flying activity in the options realm

Exploring the underbelly of options trading, an intriguing scenario is unfolding amidst the components of the Russell 3000 index today. Huntsman Corp (with the symbol HUN) takes center stage with whopping option contracts totaling 40,710 had exchanged hands. This transaction equivalent, approximately to 4.1 million shares, manages to shock by surpassing 236% of the company’s average daily trading volume over the prior month, which stood at 1.7 million shares. Notably, the $22 strike put option expiring June 21, 2024, witnessed an avalanche of 20,372 contracts today, representing about 2.0 million underlying shares of HUN. A scenic chart displays HUN’s trading history over the trailing twelve months, enthusiastically highlighting the $22 strike in a vivid shade of orange.


A soaring sensation with Crane Co

Moving on to Crane Co (with the symbol CR), the options market is bubbling with an action-packed volume of 3,201 contracts exchanging hands today. This spike represents approximately 320,100 underlying shares, a substantial 204% of CR’s average daily trading volume over the past month, which stood at 156,875 shares. Particularly, the $130 strike call option, expiring on May 17, 2024, encountered a robust 2,000 contracts trading today, translating to roughly 200,000 underlying shares of CR. An illustrative graph illustrates CR’s trading journey over the previous twelve months, showcasing the impactful $130 strike in a lively orange hue.


Captivating Capri Holdings Ltd

Lastly, Capri Holdings Ltd (CPRI) witnessed an options trading extravaganza with 32,378 contracts changing hands, accounting for roughly 3.2 million underlying shares or approximately 196.9% of CPRI’s average daily trading volume over the past month, which was 1.6 million shares. Noteworthy was the $45 strike call option expiring on May 17, 2024, which experienced a vibrant ing Athwith 11,432 contracts trading today, representing approximately 1.1 million underlying shares of CPRI. A visual representation in the form of a chart delves into CPRI’s trading past over the last twelve months, accentuating the $45 strike with a striking orange glow.


For further exploration

To unwrap the myriad of available expirations for HUN, CR, or CPRI options, enthusiasts are encouraged to visit StockOptionsChannel.com, where the options market unfolds like a saga waiting to be unraveled.

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