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Exploring Friday’s Buzzworthy Options: AMBC, LIVN, VICR

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Noteworthy Options Activity Unveiled

Delving into the highs and lows, wins, and losses of the market, today’s trading activity among Russell 3000 index components sparks intrigue. Tantalizing whispers of potential windfalls flutter through the financial grapevine as Ambac Financial Group, Inc. (Symbol: AMBC) takes center stage. With a resounding roar, a total of 1,615 contracts change hands, reflecting a tantalizing 161,500 underlying shares. This frenetic dance of digits equates to 46.2% of AMBC’s average daily trading volume over the past month – a staggering 349,650 shares. The $17 strike call option, maturing on March 15, 2024, emerges as the star of the show, with 1,211 contracts gliding through the market corridors. These contracts paint a vivid picture of approximately 121,100 underlying shares of AMBC in motion. The dynamics of this option’s interplay are vividly graphed in the chart below, with the $17 strike gleaming like a beacon in bright orange hues.


LIVN Swirls in the Options Cauldron

In the enchanting realm of options trading, LivaNova PLC (Symbol: LIVN) waltzes into the spotlight, decked in intrigue and mystery. The tick of the clock echoes in the flurry of trading, with 2,187 contracts exchanging hands – a spectacle encompassing an enchanting 218,700 underlying shares. This whirlwind whispers of 45.4% of LIVN’s average daily trading volume over the past month – a mesmerizing 481,780 shares. The $52.50 strike put option, spiraling toward its March 15, 2024, deadline, captivates the crowd with 1,027 contracts meandering through the market lanes. These contracts imbue life into approximately 102,700 underlying shares of LIVN, painting a vivid tapestry of market dynamics. The nuances of LIVN’s options history are etched in the chart below, with the $52.50 strike casting a spell in radiant orange hues.


VICR Sways in the Options Arena

Enter the stage, Vicor Corp (Symbol: VICR), with its own alluring options tango. A mesmerizing 1,285 contracts, symbolizing a breathtaking 128,500 underlying shares or 45.2% of VICR’s average daily trading volume over the past month – a magical 284,090 shares, take flight. The $40 strike put option, destined to fade into oblivion on March 15, 2024, casts a spell with 216 contracts pirouetting through the market labyrinth. These contracts breathe life into approximately 21,600 underlying shares of VICR. The enthralling tale of VICR’s options meanderings is etched in the chart below, with the $40 strike shimmering in hues of captivating orange.


For a deeper dive into the myriad available expirations across the AMBC, LIVN, and VICR options universe, StockOptionsChannel.com stands as a beacon of wisdom and insight, guiding investors through the tempestuous seas of options trading with clarity and finesse.

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