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Scrutinizing Wednesday’s Option Buzz: General Mills, United Airlines, and Delta Airlines

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General Mills’ Appetizing Option Activity

Mulling over the components of the S&P 500 index, attention veers to General Mills Inc (Symbol: GIS), radiating a notable options trading fervor. Today, an impressive 23,156 contracts have changed hands, symbolizing about 2.3 million underlying shares at play (with each contract representing 100 shares). This amount encapsulates a staggering 55.6% of GIS’s average daily trade volume over the last month – a tidal wave of bullish sentiment. Most notably, the $72 strike call option expiring on March 22, 2024, flies high with 3,321 contracts traded, fueling approximately 332,100 shares of GIS. A visual representation of GIS’s past twelve months of trading depicts the $72 strike punctuated in vivid orange.


United Airlines’ Option Altitude

Zooming in on United Airlines Holdings Inc (Symbol: UAL), the options arena showcases a whopping 38,814 contracts in motion today, corresponding to about 3.9 million underlying shares – a substantial 51.8% of UAL’s average daily trade volume over the past month. A spectacle of interest revolves around the $46 strike call option set to expire on May 17, 2024, with 7,085 contracts traded currently, translating to roughly 708,500 shares of UAL. A graphical depiction of UAL’s trading odyssey unfurls with the $46 strike gleaming in vibrant orange.


Delta Airlines Soars in the Options Sky

Amidst the options domain, Delta Air Lines Inc (Symbol: DAL) emerges with a robust volume of 38,368 contracts traded today, representing about 3.8 million underlying shares – a notable 44.7% of DAL’s average daily trading activity in the last month. Noteworthy hustle surrounds the $46 strike call option expiring on May 17, 2024, with 5,391 contracts transacted, corresponding to approximately 539,100 shares of DAL. A visual narrative of DAL’s past twelve months of trade showcases the $46 strike beaming brightly in orange hues.


For the full spectrum of available expirations on GIS options, UAL options, or DAL options, interested parties can venture to StockOptionsChannel.com.

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