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Seizing the Momentum: 3 Growth Bull Stocks to Ride Before the Fed Acts

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The rollercoaster ride of growth stocks in the current high-stakes market is akin to a thrill-seeking venture with both promise and peril. As the specter of an impending economic downturn looms on the horizon, the sage investor must carefully select the ideal growth stocks to ride before the Federal Reserve initiates its anticipated rate cut.

The Shopify Surge

In the world of e-commerce dominators, Shopify (NYSE:SHOP) stands tall, backed by Baird’s recent upgrade to an outperform rating and a tantalizing $87 price target. The resonance of this upgrade can be attributed to Shopify’s commendable operational trends, marked by robust growth in net active stores, notably in Shopify Plus and international markets – crucial cogs in the company’s long-term strategic apparatus.

With a soaring market cap of $96 billion, Shopify’s prowess as an e-commerce juggernaut remains unassailable. Despite its hefty price-earnings and price-sales multiples, investors are eagerly eyeing brighter prospects as the company’s recent revenue surge and robust bottom-line stability underpin their optimism.

The Zoom Zoom Phenomenon

Emerging as the darling of remote conferencing during the pandemic, Zoom Video (NASDAQ:ZM) continues to dazzle with its AI wizardry. The rollout of Zoom’s AI-powered collaboration platform – Zoom Workplace – has received accolades for fostering enhanced teamwork among workforces, featuring the innovative Ask AI Companion and other enhanced functionalities aimed at turbocharging customer engagement.

Despite grappling with formidable competition, such as Microsoft’s Teams suite, Zoom’s video chat app soared during the pandemic, prompting Mizuho analysts to recommend acquiring Zoom shares. The pivot to separate functionalities in MS Teams may alleviate enterprise attrition, presenting a prime opportunity for Zoom to shine even brighter.

Nvidia’s Meteoric Ascent

Behold the meteoric rise of Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA), the semiconductor behemoth that witnessed an awe-inspiring surge of 259% in its stock price amid a burgeoning interest in artificial intelligence and related sectors. Stealing the limelight as a leading provider of state-of-the-art chips for AI companies and application developers, Nvidia’s stock has skyrocketed by approximately 80% this year alone – a testament to its prodigious future earnings outlook.

At the recent GTC conference, Nvidia unveiled its game-changing Blackwell chip, a harbinger of a new computational epoch. The chip’s groundbreaking architecture, featuring six transformative technologies, promises to enable real-time generative AI at significantly reduced costs and energy consumption. Nvidia’s foray into healthcare, particularly through a collaboration with Hippocratic AI, augurs well for the company’s diversification efforts in the burgeoning AI landscape.

While Nvidia’s shares might not come cheap, their forward-looking valuation remains promising. As long as the company’s growth trajectory remains robust, this stock’s ascent shows no signs of slowing down.

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