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Unveiling the Resilience of Stifel Financial Corporation’s Preferred Stock Amid Market Fluctuations

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On Wednesday, Stifel Financial Corporationโ€™s 6.25% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series B (Symbol: SF.PRB) demonstrated strength, yielding above 6.5% with a quarterly dividend of $1.5625. Despite shares dipping to $24.00 during the day, this performance surpasses the average 6.67% yield in the โ€œFinancialโ€ preferred stock sector. Notably, SF.PRB traded at a 1.40% discount to its liquidation preference, notably lower than the categoryโ€™s average of 9.31%. Itโ€™s crucial for investors to note that these shares are non-cumulative, absolving the company from making up missed dividends to preferred shareholders before resuming common dividends post-hurdle.

Stock Performance Visualization

The charts below delineate the performance of SF.PRB shares over the past year, juxtaposed with SF stocks, offering a visual representation of the companyโ€™s market dynamics.

Performance Comparison Chart

Dividend History Snapshot

A historical dividend payment chart for SF.PRB provides a comprehensive overview of Stifel Financial Corporationโ€™s dividend distribution trends, enabling investors to gauge the stockโ€™s income potential.


In todayโ€™s trading sessions, Stifel Financial Corporationโ€™s SF.PRB is marginally down by 2.6%, contrasting with a 1.9% dip in SF common shares.

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