Home Market News The Tesla FSD Quest: A Waymo Veteran Embarks on a New Journey with Elon Musk’s EV Titan

The Tesla FSD Quest: A Waymo Veteran Embarks on a New Journey with Elon Musk’s EV Titan

The Tesla FSD Quest: A Waymo Veteran Embarks on a New Journey with Elon Musk’s EV Titan

Meet Charles Ruizhongtai Qi: A Waymo Renegade

Waymo has lost a valuable asset as research scientist and tech lead manager Charles Ruizhongtai Qi bids adieu to embrace a new chapter at Tesla Inc‘s Autopilot team. Qi, a dedicated Waymonian since October 2019 and a driving force at Alphabet Inc’s autonomous tech unit, has now set sail towards Tesla’s shores in a bid to shape the future of autonomous driving.

The Leap of Faith: Qi’s leap from Waymo to Tesla signifies a seismic shift in the autonomous driving landscape. In an introspective LinkedIn post, Qi revealed that Tesla had been a beacon of interest for him since day one, juxtaposed against his initial choice of Waymo.

Qi’s careful contemplation led him to acknowledge Tesla’s allure; a sentiment echoed in his words as he declared, “the choice was carefully considered.”

Emphasizing the shared goal despite differing approaches, Qi noted the significance of diverse perspectives in steering the course of autonomous driving innovation.

A Nostalgic Ode to Waymo:

Fond Farewell: Qi fondly reminisced about Waymo’s journey towards realizing its robotaxi dream across prestigious cities like Phoenix, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Austin. Qi’s tribute to the evolution of this dream from a mere concept to a tangible reality reflects his gratitude towards his time at Waymo.

Praising the unparalleled talent at Waymo, Qi expressed his reverence for his exceptional colleagues while bidding them a heartfelt adieu, noting, “the part I will miss the most.”

Concluding his Waymo chapter with shared memories captured in pictures, Qi’s nostalgic departure resonates with a tinge of bittersweet reflection.

Competitors on the Horizon:

A Glimpse at Adversaries: As Qi embarks on his new journey, Waymo’s rival Cruise continues to face challenges, with operations suspended post a pedestrian accident in early October. Despite the setback, Cruise parent General Motors remains resilient, hinting at a future relaunch without divulging specific timelines.

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