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Insider Trading Buzz: Neil S. Subin of NextNav and Charles Fargason of Carriage Services Insider Trading Buzz: Neil S. Subin of NextNav and Charles Fargason of Carriage Services

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Bargain hunters often glean valuable insights from insider trading activity. When insiders invest in their own company, it typically points to a bullish sentiment. The recent moves by Neil S. Subin and Charles Fargason are raising eyebrows in the market and hereโ€™s why.

Neil S. Subinโ€™s Strategic Move at NextNav

NextNav witnessed a significant development as Director Neil S. Subin dived into the market, acquiring 150,000 shares of NN stock at $4.59 per share. The insiderโ€™s total investment amounted to a substantial $688,000. Subsequently, NN shares surged by a remarkable 27.2% during Thursdayโ€™s trading session, hitting a high of $5.83. This bullish spree marks Subinโ€™s first purchase filing in the past year, sending a clear signal of his confidence in NextNavโ€™s trajectory. As a result, NextNavโ€™s stocks soared by 18.7% on Thursday.

Charles Fargasonโ€™s Calculated Move at Carriage Services

Meanwhile, across the market, Director Charles Fargason made waves with his recent acquisition at Carriage Services. Fargason purchased 6,000 shares of CSV at $25.58 per share, totaling a spend of $153,480. Notably, this buy follows Fargasonโ€™s previous purchase of $130,500 worth of CSV shares at $26.10 per share over the past twelve months. The calculated move paid off as Carriage Services observed a 1.7% increase in stock value on Thursday. Fargasonโ€™s timely action allowed him to secure a 5.7% gain at the peak of Thursdayโ€™s trading session, with CSV hitting $27.04.

Thursday 3/21 Insider Buying Report: NN, CSV

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