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Insider Insights: Strategic Moves by Key Players – EYEN, GTN

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Investing Smarts: Seeing Through Insider Moves

Insiders have myriad motivations for selling a stock, but one clear reason for buying – a belief in future profits. Let’s dissect two prominent recent insider purchases.

Steering the ship at Eyenovia, Stuart M. Grant made a bold move – a $98,000 scoop of EYEN, acquiring 100,000 shares at a modest $0.98 apiece. Despite a 2.6% dip today, Grant’s confidence shines through. This isn’t Grant’s first rodeo; he previously invested $454,181 across 4 transactions in the past year, at an average of $2.03 per share.

CEO’s Visionary Bet: Seizing Opportunities

Not to be outdone, Gray Television’s CEO Hilton H. Howell Jr. put his money where his mouth is, snatching up $80,934 worth of GTN with 10,000 shares at $8.09 each. While GTN ticks up by 0.3% today, Howell Jr.’s keen eye for value is evident. In his previous 4 investments over the past year, he poured $90,044 into GTN, averaging $9.00 per share. Thrifty investors now have a shot – GTN is currently trading as low as $5.98, a significant 26.2% less than Howell Jr.’s entry point.

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The author’s views do not necessarily represent those of Nasdaq, Inc. Nevertheless, insights gained from these insider transactions can offer valuable perspectives for potential investors.

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