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The Halving: ViaBTC Mines Rare “Epic Sat” on Block 840,000

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Today, the Bitcoin mining pool ViaBTC etches its name into the history of cryptocurrency with the creation of block 840,000. This monumental event marks not only the advent of the fourth Bitcoin halving but also the inception of what is known as an β€œepic sat.” Within the realms of the Ordinals numbering system, this term designates the first satoshi of each halving epoch – a unit as precious to Bitcoin as a first edition classic to literature.

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In the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, numbering schemes such as Ordinals have been met with both acclaim and disdain. However, since their inception, they have birthed a burgeoning market. These satoshis are not merely units of value but symbols of rarity, with an β€œepic satoshi” sitting atop the hierarchy of scarcity – a gem that shimmers once every halving epoch, a span of approximately four years or 210,000 blocks. This exclusivity has granted epic satoshis a coveted status among participants in the Ordinals market.

The uniqueness of Ordinals has been stratified into six distinct tiers, each delineated below:

+ common: Any satoshi that doesn’t hold the revered position of a block’s first sat

+ uncommon: The illustrious first sat of each block

+ rare: The esteemed first sat of every difficulty adjustment period

+ epic: The legendary first sat of each halving epoch

+ legendary: The celebrated first sat of each cycle

+ mythic: The mythical first sat from the genesis block

The allure of an epic satoshi traverses through the realms of miners, developers, investors, and collectors. In a serendipitous alignment, Bitcoin block 840,000, marking the commencement of a halving period, bears an epic satoshi, amplifying fascination with this inaugural block of the epoch.

Ordinals marketplaces exhibit these valuable satoshis at premium prices, dwarfing the standard worth of a single satoshi at any given instance. These platforms transcend mere digital forums, with establishments like Sotheby’s engaging in high-stakes auctions, a testament to the increasing mainstream appeal and scrutiny.


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As the realm of Ordinals and its associated markets expand, a tapestry of questions weaves around their influence on Bitcoin’s ecosystem. Pioneering protocols like Runes add layers of complexity, beckoning miners and investors to shepherd opportunities in this ever-evolving terrain. The incentives tethered to β€œrare satoshis” and Ordinals may catalyze fresh strategies among Bitcoin miners, ushering in a new dawn of possibilities.

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