Amtech Systems Shares Surge in Pre-market Trading Amtech Systems Shares Surge in Pre-market Trading

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Shares of Amtech Systems, Inc. ASYS skyrocketed in today’s pre-market trading following the company’s impressive first-quarter results.

Amtech Systems exceeded market estimates by reporting an adjusted loss of 4 cents per share, a stark contrast to the anticipated loss of 26 cents per share. The company’s quarterly sales of $24.92 million also outperformed expectations of $22.25 million, as reported by Benzinga Pro.

As a result, Amtech Systems shares surged 7.6% to $3.70 in pre-market trading.

Here are some other stocks making moves in pre-market trading.


  • Millennium Group International Holdings Limited MGIH gained 142.7% to $2.50 in pre-market trading. YC 1926 (BVI) Limited reported an 88.89% stake in a 13G filing on Friday.

Now in the heat of the opening bell, while Amtech Systems is basking in the sun, rising like a phoenix from the ashes, others are left shrouded in darkness. Intelligent Bio Solutions Inc., known for its scientific brilliance, saw its shares plummet 22.1% to $5.27 in pre-market trading, a sharp contrast to its surge of around 135% on Friday.

Better Choice Company Inc., which recently acquired Aimia Pet Healthco, faced a 14.8% decline to $0.1861 in pre-market trading, after enjoying a approximately 25% spike on Friday. Hitek Global Inc. mirrored this trend, falling 14.8% to $2.30 in pre-market trading after dropping over 25% on Friday.


  • Intelligent Living Application Group Inc. ILAG fell 14.4% to $0.5910 in pre-market trading after jumping 47% on Friday.

With the market in pre-market chaos, a few stocks basked in the limelight, while others faced a sudden eclipse. The ebbs and flows of pre-market trading mirror life’s ever-changing tides – a cautionary tale for investors and a reminder of the tumultuous nature of the stock market.

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