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2 Cannabis Stocks To Watch In Late-March 2024

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Exploring Two Dynamic Marijuana Stocks in Late-March 2024

The Phenomenon of Cannabis Market Growth

Embraced with open arms, the U.S. cannabis market has taken flight, riding the waves of state-level legalization for medical and recreational use. This evolution heralds the rise of a diverse ecosystem comprising cultivation, distribution, retail, and supporting services like technology and legal assistance. As states progressively lean into the green revolution, investors are casting eager eyes on this domain crafted for pioneering spirits.

Investing in cannabis equities promises spikes of prosperity as the sector dances through stages of growth and advancement. Yet, the journey is strewn with regulatory hurdles and legal enigmas due to marijuana’s federal prohibition. This dualistic environment of promise and peril casts a dicey die, where stock prices pirouette in sync with regulatory winds and market vibes. Additionally, the sector’s competitive milieu is a whirligig, twirling with fresh faces and strategic partnerships that reshape its contours.

For investors venturing into cannabis terrain, meticulous examination is key. Scrutinizing companies through the lens of fiscal robustness, market standing, and the regulatory backdrop of their operational states becomes paramount. While the cannabis arena boasts horizons ripe with growth and heightened consumer embrace, prudence in navigating the legal tangles and regulatory mazes is a prerequisite. With this navigational mantra in mind, peering into the horizon reveals two cannabis stocks that stand out in the late-March 2024 watchlist.

A Dive Into Cannabis Stocks To Embrace Or Tread Slowly

Curaleaf Holdings (CURLF Stock)

CURLF stock

Setting the stage, Curaleaf Holdings Inc (CURLF) stands tall as a global purveyor of cannabis-centric consumer goods. Operating a fused network of medical and wellness cannabis havens across the U.S., Curaleaf’s realm encompasses cultivation, processing, and dispensation of cannabis artifacts.

The latest act unfolded as Curaleaf unveiled its financial narrative for the fourth quarter and full year terminating on December 31, 2023. Chaptered in this tale is the fourth-quarter 2023 revenue, a crescendo hitting $345 million, a 4% elevation from the antecedent quarter. The adjusted EBITDA rang in at $83 million, 24% of the revenue crafts, denoting a 490 basis point amelioration from the prior year. Noteworthy, Curaleaf unveiled a full-year 2023 cash flow from continuing operations, totalling $91 million.

Trekking through the year, CURLF shares orchestrated a giddy jump of 37.16%. Not to be outpaced, the journey wrapped with Curaleaf stock buttoning Wednesday’s trading session with an 8.91% leap, sequestering at $5.50 per share.

Trulieve Cannabis (TCNNF Stock)

top cannabis stocks to buy (TCNNF stock)

Venturing next, Trulieve Cannabis Corp (TCNNF) emerges as a vertically coordinated entity, leading the β€œseed to sale” saga. With a focal lens on the production and distribution of medicinal cannabis entities to patients via an expansive retail scatter, Trulieve shines.

In a wrap-up preceding month end, Trulieve unfurled its fourth-quarter and annual 2023 portraits, embellished with robust traction and cash creation. The sequential crescendo saw record quarterly revenue and gross margin touches for 2023, with flush cash flows from operations countering at $202 million and a $161 million embrace of free cash flow for the past year. Looking ahead, Trulieve foreshadows a minimum $225 million cash inflow from operations for 2024. Culminating the fourth quarter was a 4% revenue climb from retail sales, crowned with a $154 million gross profit spectacle and a GAAP gross margin of 54%.

In the 2024 sweep thus far, TCNNF stock seesaws up an astonishing 135.85% YTD. Bolstering the fortress, the Wednesday market epic ended whisking TCNNF stock higher by 5.73%, nestling at $12.17 per share.

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