Home Market News The Rise of Cannabis Stocks: Unveiling 3 Top Contenders for March 2024

The Rise of Cannabis Stocks: Unveiling 3 Top Contenders for March 2024

The Rise of Cannabis Stocks: Unveiling 3 Top Contenders for March 2024

As the global environment relaxes its grip on cannabis restrictions, a once-stagnant sector is bursting into life, offering investors a buffet of potential winners.

The Power of Tilray Brands (TLRY)

Among the host of cannabis stocks crowding the market, Tilray Brands (NASDAQ:TLRY) has swiftly emerged as a frontrunner in harnessing Germany’s newfound embrace of cannabis legislation, paving the way for expansive global opportunities. The recent 26% surge underscores a remarkable shift for investors who have weathered the stock’s downturn since its zenith in February 2021.

With tantalizing prospects on the horizon, the United States is steadily mulling over reclassifying cannabis, a move that could inject fresh momentum into cannabis stock values. While total legalization remains a distant dream, Tilray stands primed to navigate any regulatory shifts with its distinct advantages.

One ace up Tilray’s sleeve is its 5% stake in the national craft beer arena. This foothold not only bolsters its financial footing amidst U.S. legalization but also enhances profitability in regions where cannabis enjoys legal status despite turbulent profit margins. Furthermore, Tilray’s recent acquisitions of Anheuser-Busch craft beer brands provide a treasure trove of marketing, distribution, and compliance know-how, catapulting the company ahead as the cannabis landscape evolves.

Valley National Bancorp (VLY)

Amidst the labyrinth of banking challenges confronting cannabis operators, Valley National Bancorp (NASDAQ:VLY) shines as a beacon of diversification among cannabis stocks.

Standing head and shoulders above traditional giants, Valley National extends a welcoming arm to cannabis enterprises through its dedicated “Cannabis-Related Business Banking” division, assuring enhanced security to these companies often shackled by cash transactions in the absence of conventional banking avenues. This unique positioning is a shot in the arm for Valley National, alongside the resurgence of small regional banks, placing the institution at the crux of 2024’s growth pinnacles. Remarkably undervalued, the bank is trading at a mere 0.60 times book value.

Moreover, Valley National sweetens the pot with dividends, a rarity among pure cannabis stocks. This dividend, boasting a total yield of 5.97%, rivals high-yield savings accounts and T-Bills, making it a smart bet at the crossroads of cannabis potential and banking steadiness. Undoubtedly, Valley National emerges as a star player in the cannabis stock arena.

Constellation Brands (STZ)

Exploring Constellation Brands and the Cannabis Sector

Exploring Constellation Brands and the Cannabis Sector

Constellation Brands logo on a phone screen in front of a blue and purple background. STZ stock.

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A Glimpse into Constellation Brands

Like Tilray, Constellation Brands (NYSE:STZ) thrives in the beer realm, where ale is king. This Fortune 500 figure churns out almost $10 billion in worldwide sales, with a strong American following. Yet, beyond beer, Constellation Brands also holds a chunk of the cannabis outfit Canopy Growth (NASDAQ:CGC), painting a similar picture to Tilray’s vision.

Constellation’s Cannabis Investment

Constellation Brands plays it cool with its $4 billion Canopy Growth bet, hinting at anticipation for legal winds to shift. Securing a hefty 35% slice of Canopy Growth, Constellation Brands waltzes confidently in the marihuana arena. On the other hand, Canopy Growth beefs up its fiscal strength for potential legalization rumbles.

Calculative Ventures into Cannabis

While Constellation Brands eschews the beaten path, the lengthy wait for marijuana greenlights calls for a prudent approach. Careful not to rush in, Constellation provides a conservative gateway for green-thumbed investors peeking into the cannabis domain. For cannabis stock novices, Constellation’s formidable standing and robust market show make entry smooth as silk. Start your cannabis journey here.

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