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What does it mean when insiders of a company start buying up shares? This is a tantalizing question that has mystified and tantalized investors for generations. Insider activity is a key barometer that can provide insights to outsiders โ€“ the common flock of investors who may not possess privy information.

Three companies โ€“ Post Holdings, Caseyโ€™s General Stores, and Aon โ€“ have all recently been subject to insider activity. For those keen on deciphering the cryptic moves of insiders, letโ€™s dissect each case with surgical precision.

Post Holdings

Post Holdings is like a maestro conducting a symphony in the consumer-packaged goods arena, producing a melange of delectable offerings. The recent insider activity saw a director nabbing 1000 POST shares, signaling a transaction worth approximately $105k. This demonstrates a resounding confidence from within the company.

The stock, currently donning a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy), has been riding high on a wave of buoyant earnings expectations, outshining its own past performances. A robust earnings release has served as the accelerant, propelling shares with a 60% beat relative to the Zacks Consensus EPS estimate, and exceeding sales expectations by 2%.

The companyโ€™s revenue, reminiscent of a phoenix rising from the ashes, has recovered splendidly post the turbulent pandemic era.

Caseyโ€™s General Stores

Caseyโ€™s General Stores, akin to a benevolent custodian, oversees convenience stores and has become the apple of the insiderโ€™s eye. A director of the company recently purchased 725 CASY shares, shelling out nearly $200k for the acquisition. The action communicated a profound belief in the companyโ€™s trajectory.

The stock, flaunting a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy), has witnessed a surge in earnings expectations, permeating through all echelons. Trading at a slight discount relative to historical levels, the stock provides an enticing prospect for value-driven investors.


Aon, a multinational corporation dealing in risk management services, insurance, and reinsurance brokerage, is not one to shy away from the limelight. A director of the company recently made seismic waves, acquiring 50k shares at a total transaction value of approximately $7.5 million. This picturesque maneuver imparts a profound message about the companyโ€™s mettle and aspirational journey.

The shareholder-friendly nature of Aon shouldnโ€™t be relegated to the periphery, showcasing a 9.2% five-year annualized dividend growth rate. With solid growth projections on the horizon, Aon appears to be firing on all cylinders, drawing up exhilarating blueprints for the future.

Bottom Line

Insider buys are akin to compasses that can guide investors through the turbulent seas of financial markets. Why would insiders put their money where their mouth is if they didnโ€™t believe in the companyโ€™s north star? Itโ€™s akin to a heartwarming endorsement from within, a reaffirmation of the companyโ€™s potential trajectory.

The recent insider activity on the stocks of Post Holdings, Caseyโ€™s General Stores, and Aon is akin to a celestial alignment, hinting at promising odysseys. It infuses a touch of optimism, setting the stage for potentially fascinating developments in the market.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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