Home Market News The Growing Memory Craze: Micron’s Stellar Earnings and AI Memory Sellout

The Growing Memory Craze: Micron’s Stellar Earnings and AI Memory Sellout

The Growing Memory Craze: Micron’s Stellar Earnings and AI Memory Sellout

For the savvy investor, uncovering today’s essentials is vital.

The Memory Frenzy

Prepare for a flashback in the erratic world of finance. Subject: Micron Technology Inc MU.

Here’s the scoop:

  • This is no one-stock show. We use MU’s chart to paint a broader picture. Full disclosure: MU resides in The Arora Report ZYX Buy Portfolio.
  • Meet Micron, with the crown of the largest U.S. semiconductor memory manufacturer.
  • A seismic breakout unfolds on the chart post-Micron’s earnings revelation.
  • Key takeaway from the earnings spectacle? AI memory is off the shelves till 2024. This high bandwidth memory is AI’s lifeline.
  • The Arora Report predicts $600M – $800M worth of high bandwidth memory shipments for AI by 2024. Brace for MU stock’s PE to stretch as investors grasp the crucial need for high bandwidth memory.
  • The Arora Report raises the aim for MU. Memory isn’t only about AI. Demand, along with prices, is skyward bound.
  • Highlights from Micron’s earnings spell-out include:
    • Q2 EPS at $0.42 vs. $0.25 consensus loss.
    • Q2 revenue reached $5.82B vs. the $5.34B projections.
    • Projections for Q3 EPS range from $0.38 to $0.52 vs. a $0.20 consensus.
  • The Federal Reserve now flirts with ultra-dovishness, teasing inflation risks. Ignoring sizzling inflation data, the Fed shifts gears. Review yesterday’s Afternoon Capsule for details.
  • Decoding the Fed’s dovish dance is paramount for investors’ financial well-being. Here’s a car comparison: The U.S. government guns it with fiscal spending. The Fed taps the brakes. Now, the Fed eases off the brakes.
  • Heads up! Ultra-positive sentiment often masks a twist. When joy brims over, caution is key.
  • An actionable insight: Land in the protection band. It tunes into the market’s ebbs and flows for a balanced stride. The optimal blend prevails!

Apple’s Antitrust Wrangle

Apple Inc AAPL navigates antitrust choppy waters. The Department of Justice readies to spar with Apple.

Jobless Claims Update

Jobless claims tick at 219 vs. a 216K expected tally.

Jobless claims hold sway in our adaptive ZYX Asset Allocation Model. Adaptiveness, ladies and gents, grooves to market shifts. Click to dive into the magic. Spoiler: The Arora Report clinches wins, courtesy of its adaptive model. Most Wall Street models are static, fading when markets veer.

Swiss Surprises

The Swiss currency ballet intrigues. The Swiss National Bank trims rates, leaping ahead of the Fed and ECB.

U.K. Update

The Bank of England (BOE) keeps rates on hold at 5.25%. Hawk echoes for rate hikes fade into silence.

Winning Money Flows

Early money flow brims with optimism in Amazon.com, Inc. AMZN, Alphabet Inc Class C GOOG, Meta Platforms Inc META, Microsoft Corp MSFT, NVIDIA Corp NVDA, and Tesla Inc TSLA.

Early money flow shows a bearish streak for AAPL.

In the starting gate, optimism sparks flows in SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust SPY and Invesco QQQ Trust Series 1 QQQ.

Market Trends: Momo and Smart Money

Momo crowds snatch up stocks eagerly at dawn. Smart money hangs back from the early frenzy.

Gold Glitters

Gold hits a groundbreaking $2200 milestone. Funds flock to gold for refuge as the Fed’s resolve against inflation wanes.

Momo ups the ante in gold trades. Early traders see smart money riding the gold wave too.

For an enduring view, divulge the gold and silver ratings.

Prime picks for gold are SPDR Gold Trust GLD. Lean into iShares Silver Trust SLV. 

The Oil Equation

Oil finds takers in the momo crowd but draws a blank with smart money early on.

Insights into Financial Strategies for Investors

Investment Strategies Unveiled

Bitcoin Marvel & Monetary Policy Ripples

Investors are delving into Bitcoin amidst the shift in Federal Reserve policies. The allure of this cryptocurrency is glimmering brightly.

Fortifying Your Fortunes

In the realm of investments, gazing forward is paramount; glancing back is merely a fleeting reflection. It’s wise to uphold enduring positions, evaluating individual risk gauges to construct a safeguard consisting of liquid assets or short-term trades. This shield not only shelters but also enables one to partake in the rising market swells simultaneously.

To tailor your safeguard zones, fuse cash reserves with protective measures. The upper boundary of defense best suits the cautious and seasoned, whereas the lower range complements the daring and youthful. For non-hedgers, maintain cash levels substantively higher than the norm, but not eclipsing the sum of cash plus protection.

Opportunities Knock Louder with Cash in HandTo grasp upcoming prospects, harboring ample liquidity is indispensable. When tweaking protection levels, adjust partial stops on equities and amplify stop margins to accommodate high-beta stocks – the movers and shakers in the market.

Classical 60/40 Portfolio

Gauging risk-reward ratios under the specter of inflation doesn’t favor protracted stakes in strategic bonds. Advocates of the classic 60/40 allocation can focus on premium-grade bonds with a maturity cap of seven years. For the avant-garde, bond ETFs can serve as nimble stances rather than static footholds at present.

The Arora Report: A Beacon of ForecastsThe Arora Report stands distinguished for its prescient prognostications. It astutely forecasted the surge in artificial intelligence, the dawn of the 2023 bull market, the 2022 bear market, market zeniths post-virus nadir in 2020, the viral plunge in 2020, the DJIA surge to 30,000 from 16,000, the mega bull phase in 2009, and the 2008 financial debacle. Explore more insights by joining the free Generate Wealth Newsletter.

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