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Beyond The Heart: Cardio Diagnostics’ Revolutionary Platform Beyond The Heart: Cardio Diagnostics’ Revolutionary Platform

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Groundbreaking Platform

Cardio Diagnostics, a leading artificial intelligence-powered precision cardiovascular medicine company, has introduced an unparalleled platform called Actionable Clinical Intelligence (ACI). This groundbreaking initiative provides innovative epigenetic and genetic insights to clinicians prescribing the company’s Epi+Gen CHD and PrecisionCHD tests.

Revolutionizing Cardiac Diagnostics

Epi+Gen CHD and PrecisionCHD are powerful tests that predict the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) events and facilitate the detection of CHD. These AI-powered integrated genetic-epigenetic clinical tests can be conveniently administered through a simple blood draw at home or in provider settings, bypassing the need for prolonged waiting times.

Unprecedented Insights

The integration of laboratory-developed test (LDT) results with a patient’s unique epigenetic and genetic biomarkers and clinical data by the ACI platform yields deep, actionable insights for clinicians. These insights include the relative contribution of each biomarker to CHD, evidence on their role in CHD pathogenesis, and changes in measured biomarkers over time in response to interventions.

Empowering Healthcare Providers

Tim Dogan, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer of Cardio Diagnostics, emphasized the importance of the insights provided by ACI, stating that they empower clinicians to make personalized, data-driven decisions based on a patient’s genetic and epigenetic profile. This approach aligns with the company’s commitment to improving patient outcomes and advancing preventive measures against heart disease.

Benefitting Employers and Health Plans

ACI’s personalized insights also hold potential for benefiting employers and health plans. Health plans can leverage this information to identify individuals in need of additional interventions, potentially reducing healthcare costs. Meanwhile, employers can promote proactive management of factors contributing to CHD, leading to improved employee health and reduced healthcare expenditures.

Addressing a National Crisis

Heart disease has substantial implications for both the U.S. healthcare system and workforce, resulting in significant costs and numerous deaths annually. Innovative solutions for prevention and early detection are crucial in addressing this national crisis and providing substantial value.

Financial Impact

Studies have shown that Cardio Diagnostics’ Epi+Gen CHD test could reduce costs by a significant margin compared to standard testing. By identifying individuals at risk earlier and enabling personalized treatment plans, the company’s approach aims to mitigate the effects of heart disease, potentially saving lives and lessening the strain on the healthcare system.

Promising Future

Meesha Dogan, Ph.D., CEO and Co-Founder at Cardio Diagnostics, highlighted the promise of Precision Cardiovascular Medicine, noting that the power of epigenetics, genetics, and AI allows for the personalized management and treatment of heart disease at a molecular level, thereby fulfilling the company’s vision for advancing healthcare.

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