Home Market News Opportunities Arise as Copper Prices Surge Amidst Green Energy Revolution

Opportunities Arise as Copper Prices Surge Amidst Green Energy Revolution

Opportunities Arise as Copper Prices Surge Amidst Green Energy Revolution

The world’s pivot toward sustainable energy solutions gains momentum, propelling economist and ex-Scotiabank vice president Patricia Mohr to foresee a renaissance of sorts for essential metals.

During her address at the recent Prospectors And Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) gathering, Mohr vocalized her enthusiasm for copper and uranium, citing their potential for an upswing.

Copper, crucial in power generation for varied energy domains like renewables, drew Mohr’s optimism for a pronounced price hike. She also championed uranium, foreseeing heightened demand for this metal.

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In the base metals trade arena, investors considering a stake might find Teucrium’s AiLA Long-Short Base Metals Strategy ETF OAIB enticing. This ETF focuses on key commodities utilizing a market-neutral strategy, aiming for positive returns regardless of market trends.

Tracking the AiLA-S022 index, OAIB showcased a robust annualized return of 12.65% from 2017 to 2023. Leveraging a systematic approach, AiLA integrates cutting-edge machine-learning tech to hit these marks consistently.

On the copper front, technical scrutiny hints at an upsurge in the commodity’s trajectory over the medium-to-long term, emphasized by its descent channel pattern on the daily chart:

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Copper Insights: Initiating a descent channel trend on March 18, copper has since displayed a sequence of lower highs and lows within this pattern. Notably, the latest lower high hit $4.13 on March 21, with Wednesday witnessing a low at $3.98.

  • Shows of Thursday indicated a potential long-legged doji formation on the daily chart, portraying a standoff between bullish and bearish forces, possibly signaling a peak and an impending retreat. Supposing this scenario unfolds, Thursday’s peak could be the forthcoming lower high among the downtrend.
  • Descending channels typically spell short-term bearish outlooks but hold potential for future bullish reversals. Breaking out of a descending channel with robust volume can indicate a looming long-term upswing.
  • Notable resistance marks for copper stand at $4.13 and $4.23, with support levels pegged at $4.02 and $3.91.

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