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Maye Musk Highlights Tesla Safety Amid Fort Lauderdale Bridge Incident

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Maye Musk

Driverโ€™s Experience On the 3rd Avenue Bridge

Elon Muskโ€˜s 75-year-old mother, Maye Musk, recently highlighted the safety of Tesla cars after a driverโ€™s close call on a Fort Lauderdale bridge. The driver, Mark Cerezin, recounted the harrowing incident where a construction crane part fell on his Tesla, causing significant damage. Cerezin expressed shock at surviving the accident.

Events Unfold

The driver, Mark Cerezin, shared with CBS News that he reacted swiftly when he noticed a large metal piece descending towards him on the bridge. Despite the impact damaging the front of his vehicle, Cerezin managed to exit his car following the incident.

Reaffirmation of Safety

Maye Musk shared videos of Cerezin addressing onlookers after the accident. In the footage, Cerezin describes how the metal piece sheared the front of his Tesla but emphasizes that he emerged unscathed, a testament to the safety of Tesla vehicles.

Teslaโ€™s Commitment to Safety

Reflecting on Teslaโ€™s ethos, Maye Musk recounted a photographerโ€™s account where a Tesla shielded him and his family from harm in a severe collision. Musk underscored that such incidents exemplify Teslaโ€™s unwavering commitment to safety.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk echoed the sentiment, affirming that safety remains the companyโ€™s paramount concern.

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