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Enhancing iPhone Security: Activating Stolen Device Protection Enhancing iPhone Security: Activating Stolen Device Protection

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Apple Inc. AAPL continues to fortify its defenses with the time-tested Stolen Device Protection. Initially conceived to curb the surge in iPhone thefts, this feature garnered widespread acclaim post its integration in the iOS 17.3 update.

Understanding Stolen Device Protection: This feature acts as a vital shield, significantly impeding thieves from exploiting stolen iPhones. Even if a thief manages to crack your iPhone’s passcode, Stolen Device Protection springs into action when unauthorized usage is detected in unfamiliar locations, excluding trusted zones like your residence or workplace.

This functionality mandates biometric validation (TouchID or FaceID) for pivotal actions. Given that a thief cannot replicate your biometrics, their efforts to alter passwords or wipe your iPhone are effectively stymied. Moreover, crucial operations such as password access or device reset now entail inherent time delays.

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In addition, there is a time lag incorporated for executing sensitive functions like perusing passwords or resetting the device.

Activating Stolen Device Protection On iPhone

In case this appeals to you, here’s a guide to enable Stolen Device Protection on your iPhone:

  • Ensure your iPhone is running the latest iOS 17.3 update.
  • Access Settings, scroll down, and select Face ID & Passcode (or TouchID if applicable).
  • Scroll to Stolen Device Protection and activate Turn On Protection.

That’s all. Your iPhone’s security is now bolstered. Nonetheless, exercise caution and refrain from sharing your device with strangers or accessing confidential data in public without adequate privacy safeguards.

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