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Unlocking the Value: Insights on NXP Semiconductors (NXPI) Ex-Dividend Date

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Exploring the Dividend Landscape

As investors gear up for the upcoming ex-dividend date of NXP Semiconductors NV (Symbol: NXPI) on 3/20/24, excitement brews about the quarterly dividend of $1.014 per share, set to be paid out on 4/10/24. With NXPI’s recent stock price standing tall at $237.54, the dividend yield clocks in at a modest 0.43%.

Reflecting on Historical Performance

The past often whispers hints about the future. Delving into NXPI’s dividend history unveils critical insights. The prevailing question on every investor’s mind is whether the current dividend trajectory is sustainable. Eyes are keen on the estimated annual yield of 1.71%, contemplating its continuation in the days to come.


In a bold dance between fate and fortune, the one-year performance of NXPI shares unfolds. Measured against its 200-day moving average, a delicate balance emerges, telling a tale of resilience in a fluctuating market environment.

Navigating the Stock Terrain

Exploring further, the stock’s 52-week journey paints a vivid picture. From the depths of $155.31 per share to the highs of $264.26, NXPI has weathered storms and celebrated victories. With the last trade settling at $239.95, shareholders watch closely as the stock charts its course through uncharted waters.

NXP Semiconductors NV 200 Day Moving Average Chart

As the dust settles on Monday’s trading session, NXPI shares show a slight dip of 2.5% for the day. The market ebbs and flows, much like the tides of the ocean, as investors brace themselves for the unfolding journey ahead.

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