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Exploration Funding Boosts Kenorland’s Nickel Project in Manitoba

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The Untouched Terrain

For more than twenty years, the South Thompson region has laid dormant, untouched by any significant exploration efforts at a project-scale. Historically, only three exploration campaigns have ventured onto the property, leaving vast swaths of the land unexplored and untapped. The echoes of past geophysical and drilling expeditions by Falconbridge, Amax, and Cominco resonate through the untouched wilderness.

A Glint of Discovery

The historic groundwork laid by previous explorers bore fruit with the discovery of the neighboring Minago deposit, under the ownership of Flying Nickel. This adjacent deposit boasts a considerable 722 million lb. of measured and indicated nickel, coupled with an additional 319 million lb. of inferred nickel resources. The promise of untapped reserves lingers in the air, waiting for the right hands to unearth.

A New Chapter Unfolds

Embracing the spirit of discovery, the government of Manitoba has extended a helping hand to Kenorland, injecting fresh funding into their coffers. This influx of capital is earmarked to bolster a large-scale aerial electromagnetic (VTEM) survey that aims to pierce through the veils of the earth and identify potential drilling targets beneath the swathes of cover rocks at South Thompson. The constant hum of survey drones now fills the skies as the VTEM survey proceeds apace, unraveling possibilities that lie hidden.

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