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Microsoft and OpenAI Collaborate on $100B Magnum Opus ‘Stargate’ Supercomputer Project Microsoft and OpenAI Collaborate on $100B Magnum Opus ‘Stargate’ Supercomputer Project

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Microsoft OpenAI supercomputer project

Project Overview

Microsoft Corp. MSFT and OpenAI have set their sights on a monumental collaboration – the creation of a supercomputer project affectionately named β€œStargate,” with a jaw-dropping price tag of $100 billion. This titanic endeavor is projected to come to fruition by the year 2028.

Strategic Insights

What Happened: Recent reports have unveiled that Microsoft and OpenAI are meticulously planning a groundbreaking data center initiative that would catapult the launch of an artificial intelligence-driven supercomputer, dubbed β€œStargate,” by the year 2028, as detailed by The Information.

Investment Analysis

This ambitious project, spearheaded by Microsoft, is anticipated to be a colossal endeavor, outstripping the costs incurred by even the most expansive existing data centers. With the potential need for β€œseveral” hundred acres of land and the demand for up to 5 gigawatts of power, the scope of Stargate is truly mind-boggling.

Implications for Investors

The eye-watering cost associated with Stargate, an estimated $100 billion, has been cited by undisclosed sources in The Information. Microsoft and OpenAI are currently navigating the third phase in a complex five-phase strategy, with substantial segments of the forthcoming stages centered on securing the requisite AI chips.

Industry Dynamics

Why It Matters: At a time when the race for AI supremacy is reaching a fever pitch, this bold venture adds a new dimension to the technological landscape. The battle for AI hegemony has intensified recently, as reports emerged only last week that Apple Inc. is deliberating between Alphabet Inc.’s Google and OpenAI for pivotal AI integration. Should OpenAI emerge victorious, it could further solidify Microsoft’s position against Google.

Strategic Maneuvers

However, Microsoft remains in high gear – coupling this grand initiative with strategic acquisitions such as the acqui-hiring of Google DeepMind and Inflection AI co-founder Mustafa Suleyman, along with a cohort of AI experts to helm a new consumer-centric Microsoft AI division.

Investment Expertise

Ark Invest’s Brett Winton surmises that Microsoft is diligently broadening its exposure to OpenAI, a sentiment further underscored by the colossal Stargate project. This insinuates that Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, is unequivocally committed to his AI vision alongside OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman.

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