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Thursday’s Robust Options Activity Draws Investor Attention to AA, INTC, WHR

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Alcoa Corporation (AA): Bold Moves in the Options Market

Options trading portrayed a spirited performance among components of the Russell 3000 index, with Alcoa Corporation (AA) at the helm of the fervor. Today, a total of 27,329 contracts have exchanged hands, equivalent to around 2.7 million underlying shares. This surge, comprising 43.7% of AA’s typical daily trading volume over the past month, highlighted an escalated interest in the $40 strike call option expiring June 21, 2024, with 3,731 contracts traded so far. The visual representation of AA’s trailing twelve-month trading history underscored the prominence of the $40 strike in an arresting shade of orange.

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Intel Corp (INTC): Resilient Trading Volume Signals Confidence

Meanwhile, Intel Corp (INTC) exhibited remarkable resilience in the options market today, with a trading volume of 202,124 contracts representing approximately 20.2 million underlying shares. This figure constituted a substantial 42.8% of INTC’s average daily trading volume over the past month. Noteworthy activity centered around the $44 strike call option expiring April 05, 2024, where 10,783 contracts have been traded, indicating confidence in the underlying shares. The depiction of INTC’s trading history accentuated the influence of the $44 strike with a vibrant orange hue.

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Whirlpool Corp (WHR): Options Market Witnesses Spirited Activities

Amidst the flurry of options trading, Whirlpool Corp (WHR) experienced a surge in trading volume today. A total of 7,866 contracts, equivalent to about 786,600 underlying shares, were exchanged, capturing approximately 42.2% of WHR’s average daily trading volume over the past month. Notable trader interest was observed in the $105 strike put option expiring April 19, 2024, with 1,777 contracts traded, painting a vivid picture of investor sentiment. The graphical representation of WHR’s trading history illuminated the impact of the $105 strike, displayed prominently in an eye-catching orange shade.

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For additional details on available expirations for AA, INTC, or WHR options, StockOptionsChannel.com serves as a valuable resource for investors to further explore their trading strategies.

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