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Exploring Noteworthy Options Trading Activity on a Monday Monday Musings: Dive into DIS, NKE, FLR Option Activity

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Walt Disney Co. (DIS) Buzz

Diving into the exciting world of options trading within the Russell 3000 index today, all eyes are on Walt Disney Co. (DIS). A staggering volume of 81,990 contracts have already changed hands, embodying a wild journey of approximately 8.2 million underlying shares. This frenzy equates to a striking 79.7% of DIS’s typical daily trading volume over the past month. Particularly striking is the vigorous activity on the $125 strike call option which expires on April 19, 2024. So far, 8,336 contracts have been swapped, reflecting an astonishing 833,600 underlying shares of DIS. The accompanying chart showcases DIS’s track record over the previous twelve months, with the $125 strike shining brightly in orange hues.


Nike (NKE) in the Limelight

Likewise, Nike (NKE) is experiencing a whirlwind of options trading, with 58,836 contracts exchanging hands, representing nearly 5.9 million underlying shares. This throng encompasses an impressive 68.1% of NKE’s average daily trading volume for the past month, which stood at 8.6 million shares. The $105 strike call option due on March 22, 2024, has captured significant attention, with 7,668 contracts traded so far, equaling close to 766,800 underlying shares of NKE. View the illuminating chart below depicting NKE’s journey over the last year, with the $105 strike shining brightly in orange.


Fluor Corp. (FLR) Excitement

Chiming in with their own flair, Fluor Corp. (FLR) has not been left behind in the options trading frenzy. With 14,173 contracts swapped, equating to around 1.4 million underlying shares, FLR’s activity represents about 66.3% of their average daily trading volume over the past month, which stood at 2.1 million shares. A particular highlight is the $45 strike call option expiring on June 21, 2024. A whopping 7,419 contracts have been traded today, signifying roughly 741,900 underlying shares of FLR. Witness FLR’s journey illustrated in the chart below, with the $45 strike glowing in a magnificent shade of orange.


For additional information on the various expiration dates for DIS, NKE, and FLR options, explore StockOptionsChannel.com for a more comprehensive view.

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