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Noteworthy Thursday Option Activity: GL, AXP, AIZ

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Exploring Intriguing Thursday Option Activity in GL, AXP, AIZ

Exciting Options Flurry

A whirlwind Thursday unfolded in the realm of options trading, a domain where investors don’t just dip their toes but plunge headfirst into the turbulent waters of financial markets. Among the S&P 500 stalwarts, three specific entities caught the eye – Globe Life Inc (GL), American Express Co. (AXP), and Assurant Inc (AIZ).

Amped up at Globe Life Inc (GL)

At the citadel of Globe Life Inc (GL), the options arena resembled a bustling marketplace today. A frenzy of 5,717 contracts fluttered about, equivalent to a staggering 571,700 underlying shares exchanging hands. This explosive volume amounted to around 69% of GL’s typical daily trading activity. Particularly seismic waves were felt with the $115 strike put option with a finish line set for April 19, 2024. An intense 2,479 contracts barreled through, representing roughly 247,900 shares of GL. The chart paints a vivid picture of GL’s turbulent trading journey, with the $115 strike shining bright like a fiery comet in the night sky.

Adrenaline-pumped Activities at American Express Co. (AXP)

American Express Co. (AXP) was not to be left out in the apex of excitement. A startling 18,039 contracts were in motion, paving the way for approximately 1.8 million underlying shares to change hands. This raucous activity encapsulated about 65.2% of AXP’s average daily trading vigor over the preceding month. The $227.50 strike put option, expiring on March 22, 2024, sparked particular interest with 1,216 contracts making their presence known, embodying roughly 121,600 shares of AXP. The chart illustrates AXP’s tumultuous journey, with the $227.50 strike shining vividly like the North Star on a moonless night.

Turbulent Times at Assurant Inc (AIZ)

As the storm raged on, Assurant Inc (AIZ) found itself caught in the whirlwind of excitement. 2,195 contracts took flight, metamorphosing into approximately 219,500 underlying shares exchanging hands. This turbulence accounted for about 64.5% of AIZ’s month-long average daily trading activity. The $170 strike put option, with its final act scheduled for May 17, 2024, witnessed a thunderous 1,049 contracts in action, representing nearly 104,900 shares of AIZ. The chart portrays AIZ’s roller coaster ride, with the $170 strike gleaming like a beacon in a stormy sea.

For more detailed information on the myriad expirations available for GL options, AXP options, or AIZ options, consider a visit to StockOptionsChannel.com.

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