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Exploring Thursday’s Option Activity: XEL, ROST, URI

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Analysis of Xcel Energy Inc (XEL)

Venturing into the tickers and trades of the day, Xcel Energy Inc (XEL) enters the limelight. Today, the Russell 3000 index witnessed considerable action in the options segment. A total of 19,498 contracts were swapped, signifying about 1.9 million underlying shares. This substantial volume amounts to nearly half of XEL’s average daily trading over the past month, standing firm at 4.0 million shares. Of particular note was the fervor surrounding the $50 strike put option expiring March 15, 2024. An impressive 5,278 contracts exchanged hands today, echoing approximately 527,800 underlying shares of XEL. The market dance around this strike paints a vivid picture of investor sentiment and anticipation. To provide a visual cue, behold the trailing twelve-month trading history of XEL, spotlighting the intensity surrounding the $50 strike in bold orange hues:


Riding the Waves with Ross Stores Inc (ROST)

Turning our gaze towards Ross Stores Inc (ROST), we pitch our tents in a field with a trading volume of 8,511 contracts today. This figure translates to approximately 851,100 underlying shares, marking a robust 48.7% of ROST’s average daily trading volume over the past month – a solid 1.7 million shares. The $160 strike call option expiring March 08, 2024, saw an upsurge in activity, with 3,665 contracts swapping hands today. This symbolizes around 366,500 underlying shares of ROST caught in the whirlwind. Dive into ROST’s voyage throughout the last twelve months, with the $160 strike shining brightly in the graphic representation below:


Exploring the Terrain with United Rentals Inc (URI)

Last but not least, United Rentals Inc (URI) unfurls its tale as options trading volume hits 2,470 contracts. This chunk alone represents about 247,000 underlying shares, nearly half of URI’s average daily trading volume over the past month, hoisting the flag at 514,410 shares. The $700 strike call option expiring March 01, 2024, made waves today with 143 contracts shifting hands, symbolizing close to 14,300 underlying shares of URI navigating the financial seas. Glance at URI’s expedition over the trailing twelve months, with the $700 strike standing out prominently in brilliant orange:


For a deeper dive into the world of XEL, ROST, or URI options, eager investors are encouraged to sail over to StockOptionsChannel.com for an extensive menu of available expirations. The market beckons, with these dynamic movements offering a myriad of potential trajectories for those willing to take the plunge.

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