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Stirring Tuesday Trends in Stock Options: LULU, VFC, XOM

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Enthralling Option Volume Swirls Around LULU

A bevy of activity captivated the market today with noteworthy options trading volume in lululemon athletica inc (Symbol: LULU). A staggering 26,391 contracts shifted hands, embodying about 2.6 million underlying shares. To put this into context, this translates to a remarkable 101% of LULU’s average daily trading volume over the past month.

The $400 strike call option, set to expire on April 05, 2024, stole the show with 2,881 contracts crossing the tape today. This waltz of contracts represents approximately 288,100 underlying shares of LULU. The fervor surrounding this particular option is reminiscent of a maestro perfectly conducting an orchestra, mesmerizing all listeners.

In the grand scheme of things, this performance is akin to an encore for LULU, showcasing resilience and agility in the face of market tempests. Such moments are rare, akin to a shooting star streaking across the night sky.

VFC Witnessing a Whirlwind of Options Activity

VF Corp. (Symbol: VFC) did not wilt in the shadows, as it witnessed 77,842 contracts move hands, representing approximately 7.8 million underlying shares. This accounts for roughly 96.2% of VFC’s average daily trading volume over the past month of 8.1 million shares.

The $12.50 strike put option, due to bid adieu on May 17, 2024, took the stage with 14,150 contracts traded. This translates to approximately 1.4 million underlying shares of VFC. The intensity surrounding this option is akin to a storm gathering on the horizon – foreboding yet electrifying.

VFC’s presence in today’s market was akin to a seasoned sailor navigating through choppy waters with poise and experience. Such resilience in the face of uncertainty is a testament to VFC’s mettle.

XOM: The Epicenter of Options Activity

Exxon Mobil Corp (Symbol: XOM) stood tall, with options trading volume surging to 150,021 contracts. This remarkable number of contracts represents approximately 15.0 million underlying shares, constituting a significant 85.9% of XOM’s average daily trading volume over the past month of 17.5 million shares.

The $127 strike call option, set to bid farewell on April 19, 2024, stole the limelight with 7,606 contracts exchanging hands. This embodies approximately 760,600 underlying shares of XOM. The commotion surrounding this option is akin to a crescendo building in a symphony – intense, powerful, and captivating.

XOM’s prominence today mirrors a phoenix rising from the ashes, exuding strength and resilience in the face of volatility. Such displays of fortitude are reminiscent of legends etched in the annals of market history, inspiring awe and admiration.

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