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Ibogaine Therapy and Other Psychedelic Updates Ibogaine Therapy and Other Psychedelic Updates

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		<title>Ibogaine Therapy and Other Psychedelic Updates</title>
		Ibogaine Therapy and Other Psychedelic Updates

Ibogaine Therapy Shows Promising Outcomes For Veterans With Trauma Brain Injury

The results of a groundbreaking clinical trial on ibogaine-magnesium therapy for Special Operations Veterans (SOV) with repeated blast exposure have recently been published in the esteemed journal, Nature. This momentous study has been hotly anticipated due to the evidence it presents of ibogaine’s remarkable neuro-restorative effects.

Conducted under the leadership of Dr. Nolan Williams, the director of Stanford University’s Brain Stimulation Lab, this study sets a new standard in the realm of ibogaine research. Its prospective clinician-rated approach, as compared to prior published studies on ibogaine, provides a fresh and most promising perspective, offering a glimmer of hope for veterans suffering from trauma brain injury.

Kentucky’s Promising Opioid Addiction Treatment Initiative Stalls As New AG Ousts Leading Advocate

Once a pioneering state in ibogaine research for the treatment of opioid use disorder, Kentucky has taken an unfortunate turn with the appointment of Attorney General Russell Coleman. This move has resulted in the ousting of Bryan Hubbard, the chair and executive director of the Kentucky Opioid Abatement Advisory Commission (KYOAAC), who has passionately led the proposal to allocate funds for ibogaine studies from the state’s opioid settlements. This setback is disheartening for those yearning for advancements in opioid addiction treatment.

DEA Raises THC, Psilocybin And DMT Production Quotas For Scientific Research Purposes

The DEA has proposed an increase in the production quotas for THC, psilocybin, and DMT for research purposes in 2024. This move comes as a response to a request from registered producers and follows a pattern of incremental raises over the past years. The trend showcases the growing acceptance and recognition of the potential therapeutic uses of these substances and signals a positive shift in the regulatory landscape.

AMA’s Reimbursement Codes For Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies Take Effect: Here’s What To Expect

The American Medical Association’s introduction of new coverage and reimbursement codes for FDA-legalized psychedelic-assisted therapies signifies a significant step forward. These temporary codes, known as current procedural terminology (CPT) III codes, aim to facilitate reimbursement and support access to psychedelic therapies in the U.S. This development is a heartening sign for patients and healthcare providers seeking to explore these innovative treatment options.

Atai Invests $50M In Beckley Psytech For Short-Duration Psychedelics Development

In a significant move, Atai Life Sciences, a prominent biopharma and resources-pooling company, has invested a substantial $50 million in Beckley Psytech Ltd., a U.K.-based venture at the forefront of developing short-duration psychedelics for neuropsychiatric conditions. This strategic investment positions Atai as a major player in the realm of psychedelics, bolstering the prospects for pioneering advancements in the field of mental health treatment.

Highest Trading Psychedelics Stocks Friday, Jan. 5 At Close

  • COMPASS Pathways CMPS closed at $8.76, almost evening out the two immediately prior closings at $8.75, and significantly surpassing the previous three weeks’ closing at $7.95.

  • GH Research GHRS closed at $5.37, slightly behind the previous weeks’ closings at $5.80, $5.49, and $5.71.

  • And the beat goes on…