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Psychedelic Pharmaceuticals: A Weekly Deep Dive

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Greetings to Benzinga’s weekly roundup of psychedelic pharmaceutical headlines. Here, we gather the most captivating news from the second week of January 2024.

  • Lykos Therapeutics, previously known as MAPS PBC, unveiled a groundbreaking study on the effects of MDMA-assisted therapy on emotional coping skills and self-experience in PTSD (read.)

  • An Australian study explored the potential therapeutic effects of an ayahuasca-inspired N, N-DMT and harmine formulation in a controlled trial involving healthy subjects (read.)

  • A preliminary report investigated the antidepressant effects of vaporized DMT in treatment-resistant depression (read.)

  • Chinese government-backed research delved into psilocybin’s cell-type-specific changes in the orbitofrontal cortex (read.)

  • Exploration of the perceived risk of trying LSD in the U.S. from 2015 to 2019 raised questions on the changing risk perception of LSD among Americans (read.)

  • A new review shed light on the potential of psychedelics for acquired brain injury treatment (read.)

  • The existence of knowledge gaps in psychedelic medicalization was observed, focusing on clinical studies and regulatory aspects (read.)

  • Imperial College London’s exploration of psilocybin’s effects on gamblers’ brain dysfunction piqued interest (read.)

  • A qualitative survey study delved into coping and support strategies used by individuals dealing with extended difficulties after the use of psychedelic drugs, led by researcher Jules Evans (preprint.)

  • UC Berkeley’s Center for the Science of Psychedelics announced the opening of applications for research proposals on “Psychedelics in Society and Culture” (participate.)

  • Imperial College London initiated a psychedelic survey titled “The Breathwork Study 2024” (participate.)

  • Johns Hopkins University launched new psilocybin research seeking participants in Baltimore with opioid use disorder (apply.)

  • The University of Texas embarked on new psychedelic retreat research focused on women currently grieving the loss of a loved one (participate.)

  • The FDA’s Reagan-Udall Foundation is gearing up to hold a virtual public workshop titled “Advancing Psychedelic Clinical Study Design” on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 (participate.)

  • DoubleBlind is hosting a free workshop on Tripping for Partners with Dr. Ido Cohen on Jan. 21 (participate.)

  • Celebstoner’s Steve Bloom listed “The 12 Best Cannabis/Drug Books of 2023” in a thought-provoking year in review article (read.)

  • The Wall Street Journal’s David Wainer provided insights into the landscape of psychedelics investments (read.)

  • Carolyn Beans explored the healing potential of psychedelics and featured interviews with Dr. Ceyda Sayali and Dr. Albert Garcia-Romeu in her review “If psychedelics heal, how do they do it?” (read.)

  • Dr. Peter Grinspoon analyzed ketamine, presenting a comprehensive review on its uses, benefits, and risks (read.)

  • Jules Evans provided insights into communicating the risks of psychedelics (read.)

  • A captivating discussion on “Psychedelics and Philosophy: Metaphysics and Meaning-Making in Psychedelia” was held at Harvard Divinity School, featuring Dr. Peter Sjöstedt-Hughes and Prof. Christine Hauskeller (listen.)

  • David B. Yaden and Katherine Cheung articulated the need for metaphysics in psychedelic therapy and research in their commentary (read.)

  • HealingMaps’ Cory Jones shed light on 15 surprising statistics about psychedelic therapy’s mental health impact (read.)

  • Insights into the psychedelic legalization debate in the UK were shared in an article titled “Psychedelic Law: As the Psychedelic Legalization Debate Rages in the UK, People Suffer” (read.)

  • An analysis revealed strong bipartisan support for controlled Psilocybin use as treatment or enhancement in a representative sample of US Americans, urging caution in public policy (read.)

  • Former KYOAAC leader Bryan Hubbard discussed Kentucky’s potential for opioid addiction treatment development (read.)

  • The Wall Street Journal reviewed Elon Musk’s use of drugs, drawing concerns from leaders at Tesla and SpaceX (read.)

  • Sam Woolfe delved into “Seeing the World Anew: Psychedelics, Child-Like Wonder, and the Will to Novelty” in his compelling article (read.)

  • Psychedelic Spotlight explored the causes, symptoms, and treatment of tetany, aka hand cramps during a psychedelic experience in their feature article (read.)

  • Josh Hardman unraveled the mysterious advisory panel blocking dozens of psychedelic studies in California (read.)

  • DoubleBlind chronicled the journey of “Moxy: The Novel Psychedelic” and its battle against a DEA ban (read.)

  • Big Think shared insights into the potential effects of DMT on cardiac activity in their article “The psychedelic heart” (read.)

  • Vox’s Sean Illing interviewed neuroscientist Gul Dolen, unraveling how psychedelics can reinvent the brain (listen.)

  • The Dennis McKenna Academy hosted a thought-provoking podcast episode featuring author Chris Ryan’s take on civilization (listen.)

  • The Psychedelics Today podcast engaged in a captivating discussion on reinventing organizations, lessons from Burning Man, and Batman & The Joker (listen.)

  • A significant ruling saw a California judge going against the feds in a psychedelic tea case (read.)

  • DoubleBlind shared the Navajo Nation’s perspective on funerals on the moon (read.)

  • Jules Evans penned an intriguing article on the theology of ‘meh’ experiences (read.)

  • PharmAla Biotech’s MDMA molecule PharmAla-1 received the U.S. patent office’s green light for fast-track IP application review (PMBHF, OTC)

  • Lobe Sciences made strides, impressively featuring as an intriguing company in the psychedelic space (LOBEF, OTC)

  • Psychedelic Medicine Companies Shake Up Market

    Psychedelic Medicine Companies Shake Up Market

    • Psychedelic Medical Research Company (PMRC) released its 2023 review, unveiling 12-month data confirming that L-130 is the first stable oral psilocin derivative developed for therapeutic use.

    • Usona Institute’s recent research has revealed novel compounds sourced from mushrooms with observed psychedelic-like activity.

    • Clearmind Medicine CMND successfully completed a Type A meeting with the FDA, advancing its proprietary MEAI-based molecule for alcohol use disorder treatment.

    • PharmaTher Holdings PHRRF anticipates FDA approval of ketamine by April 29, 2024.

    • Compass Pathways CMPS and TMS and Spravato provider Greenbrook TMS have entered a three-year research collaboration to develop scalable, commercial delivery models for psilocybin treatment.

    • The DEA recently closed the public comment period on its proposal to classify psychedelic compounds DOI and DOC, widely used in scientific research, as Schedule I substances.

    • Cybin CYBN CEO, Doug Drysdale, has joined the Deepak Chopra Foundation to discuss how media shapes public awareness of psychedelics.

    • Atai Life Sciences ATAI CEO, Christian Angermayer, expressed confidence in consolidating various major psychedelics under one company.

    • Atai’s “best-kept secret”: IntelGenX IGXT has been featured by Psychedelic Insights in a recent article.

    • Alex Carchidi’s analysis of key sector catalysts indicates that companies such as Compass Pathways, Cybin, and Atai are the most sensible choices for investors at this point.

    • The McKenna Academy’s documentary “Biognosis” has been nominated for the British Columbia Environmental Film Festival.

    • Research and education nonprofits Realm of Caring and Unlimited Sciences have collaborated with Lily’s Lighthouse to explore the efficacy of functional mushrooms in treating epilepsy in children.

    • Author Brandi Sellerz-Jackson shared her ketamine therapy experience in an article published in Oprah Daily.

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