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Exploring Hedge Fund Sentiment: Procter & Gamble in the Latest 13F Filings

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The alignment in thought among hedge fund managers can be akin to a group of synchronized dancers, moving in harmony. The recent 13F filings for the 12/31/2023 reporting period reveal an interesting trend – Procter & Gamble Company (Symbol: PG) was embraced by 15 out of 20 funds. When these financial maestros play the same tune, it’s like spotting a school of fish changing direction all at once – a phenomenon worth delving into further.

It’s crucial to note that 13F filings provide only a partial view of the overall picture. These disclosures shed light only on a fund’s long positions, leaving out the equally crucial short positions. Picture an iceberg – only the tip is visible, and what lies beneath can be just as impactful.

Despite this limitation, delving into groups of 13F filings can offer valuable insights, especially when comparing holdings across different periods. Let’s sift through the changes in PG positions among the latest batch of 13F filers:

Investment Firm New Position? Change In Share Count Change In Market Value ($ in 1000’s)
Thomas Story & Son LLC Existing –45 +$37
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. Existing –658,560 –$86,702
Pineridge Advisors LLC NEW +1,103 +$162
Royal London Asset Management Ltd. Existing +20,956 +$4,078
Creekmur Asset Management LLC NEW +4,401 +$645
Transcendent Capital Group LLC NEW +211 +$31
Guidance Capital Inc. Existing –287 +$3
Readystate Asset Management LP NEW UNCH $UNCH
Vima LLC NEW +242 +$35
Congress Asset Management Co. MA Existing +2,658 +$804
Richardson Financial Services Inc. NEW +1,663 +$244
Fortis Group Advisors LLC Existing +195 +$28
Northwest Bank & Trust Co NEW +4,583 +$672
Tucker Asset Management LLC Existing +3,645 +$538
Twin Focus Capital Partners LLC Existing +1 +$2
Total Change: –619,234 –$79,423

Among these funds, 5 increased their PG holdings from 09/30/2023 to 12/31/2023, while 3 reduced their positions and 7 established new ones.

Looking beyond this cohort of filers, we scrutinized the aggregate PG share count of all funds holding the stock during the 12/31/2023 period (out of 7,190 total). Comparing this with the share count from 09/30/2023, we observed a collective surge in holdings by 44,916,070 shares, from 1,499,867,710 to 1,544,783,780 – indicating a 2.99% increase. The top three funds with PG stakes on 12/31/2023 were:

We’ll continue to monitor hedge fund 13F filings and unearth compelling narratives derived from aggregate data across fund groups in different reporting periods. While individual filings may be deceptive due to their long-only nature, a bird’s eye view across groups of funds can reveal intriguing stock prospects that warrant further exploration – much like Procter & Gamble Company (Symbol: PG).

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