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The Great Exodus: Impressive ETF Outflows in SOXS and QLVD

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SOXS Dismantling: A Symphonic Decline

The Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bear 3X Shares, known by the ticker symbol SOXS, witnessed a substantial outflow as 31,100,000 units were obliterated. This staggering exodus marked a 14.3% decrease in units outstanding compared to the previous week. Like the crescendo of a symphony, investors bid adieu to their SOXS shares, leading to a diminishing melody in the ETF’s overall presence.

QLVD Crisis: A Melancholic Exodus

Meanwhile, the QLVD ETF faced its own tribulations as it saw a significant 28.0% decline in outstanding units. With 700,000 units lost within a week, the QLVD ETF experienced a melancholic exodus reminiscent of a sudden summer storm that catches everyone off guard. Investors scrambled to navigate the turbulent market waters, resulting in a noteworthy reduction in unit holdings.

SOXS, QLVD: Big ETF OutflowsVIDEO: SOXS, QLVD: Big ETF Outflows

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