Unleashing Potential: Why Chewy is a Golden Opportunity for Investors Unleashing Potential: Why Chewy is a Golden Opportunity for Investors

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Pet e-commerce emporium Chewy (NYSE: CHWY) has faced a turbulent 2024, shedding a third of its market value. The companyโ€™s caution regarding modest industry growth and price hikes underpins this decline.

Yet hidden beneath market gyrations lies a golden opportunity that intrepid investors could be overlooking. Is the time ripe to embrace Chewyโ€™s stock?

An Ever-Green Business Model

Crucial to grasp is Chewyโ€™s recurring revenue modelโ€”85% originating from vital pet products like food and healthcare. Furthermore, 75% of sales stem from auto-ship subscriptions, totaling $8.5 billion in 2023 sales.

Why this matters? Predictability. Investors crave consistency, and Chewyโ€™s recurring revenue stream promises just that. Such firms command robust valuations due to their stability.

This model also nurtures a vast, loyal clientele ripe for additional offerings, setting the stage for Chewyโ€™s imminent breakout.

A Prescription for Success: Pharmacy Sales

Although leading in online pet pharmacy in the U.S., merely 20% of Chewyโ€™s customer base taps this service, leaving a trove of opportunity among existing patrons.

The $12 billion U.S. pet medication market, despite a digital shift, still sees 70% of sales via vets. As costs escalate, Chewyโ€™s cheaper alternative behooves both consumers and the company. This segment boasts margins 1,000 basis points higher than retail, promising not just revenue growth but also enhanced profitability.

Why the buzz? Pharmacy sales offer a potent mix of growth and robust profitabilityโ€”investorsโ€™ dream come true.

Picture of dog and person with dog food on a plate.

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Nurturing Health and Wellness Growth

Chewy is nurturing awareness for its health products by inaugurating Vet Care Clinics, with plans for four to eight units this year to test the concept.

Partnerships with Trupanion (NASDAQ: TRUP) and Lemonade (NYSE: LMND) for pet insurance, coupled with a telehealth platform for online vet consultations, underscore its commitment to holistic pet wellness.

The companyโ€™s PetMD website, garnering 5 million monthly users, serves as an educational leg-up to drive traffic to Chewy. Its PracticeHub platform assists vets in prescription fulfillment, converging all efforts to fortify Chewyโ€™s burgeoning pet pharmacy business.

The Phoenix in the Plunge

Chewyโ€™s stock plummet has cast it among the most affordable in recent years, sporting a forward P/E near 20x. For a business projecting 4%-6% revenue growth in an economic crawl, this valuation beckons.

CHWY PE Ratio (Forward) Chart
CHWY PE Ratio (Forward) data by YCharts.

Given its alluring valuation and the promising bonanza in pet pharmacy, health, and wellness, Chewy emerges as a prime prospect for investors.

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