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Unraveling the Mystery of Dividend Runs with VZ

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Imagine receiving a โ€œPotential Dividend Run Alertโ€ for Verizon Communications Inc (NYSE: VZ). Quite the intriguing prospect, wouldnโ€™t you agree? At first glance, the notion of a โ€œDividend Runโ€ may seem esoteric, reminiscent of a piece of arcane lore whispered at a financial conference. But in essence, it delves into the captivating dance of stock prices leading up to an ex-dividend date โ€” a dance laden with clues for shrewd investors.

Enter the concept of the ex-dividend date, a key marker in the lifecycle of any dividend-paying stock. This date signifies the cut-off point for any potential shareholder to be entitled to the upcoming dividend. Post the ex-dividend date, all bets are off; the dividend ship has sailed, leaving latecomers on the dock, empty-handed.

Following this logic, stocks historically exhibit a tendency to dip by the exact amount of the dividend on the ex-date (barring other market forces at play). Itโ€™s a simple equation: if a buyer stands to gain $0.665 in dividends before the ex-date, itโ€™s only natural that the stock price reflects this gain โ€” a seamless equilibrium in the intricate tapestry of the market.

But here lies the crux: if stocks are poised to drop on ex-dates due to dividend payouts, wouldnโ€™t it be logical for them to ascend in the lead-up to dividend distribution? Itโ€™s akin to a crescendo building to a musical climax, with anticipation and underlying pressure propelling the stock price upward in the days preceding the dividend โ€” the essence of a potential Dividend Run.

The narrative intensifies when we consider the timeframe for capturing these Dividend Run effects. Strategies abound, ranging from strategic buy-and-sell maneuvers around ex-dates to calculated dollar-cost averaging methods. Each investor dances to their unique tune, orchestrating their moves to maximize capital gains amidst the dividend fervor.

Take, for instance, the recent VZ 0.665/share dividend that went ex-dividend on 01/09/24. In the fortnight leading up to this pivotal date, VZ shares soared, gaining 2.67 in value. This surge exemplifies the exhilarating pre-dividend crescendo that defines a successful Dividend Run.

Reflecting on the last four dividends disbursed by VZ, a strategic investor employing Dividend Run tactics would have outpaced the dividend amount itself in capital gains. With a cumulative โ€œDivvy Runโ€ total of +5.3, VZ exemplifies a stock that offers not just dividends but potential capital growth as well, a rare confluence in todayโ€™s market.

Ex-Dividend โ€”โ€”Price 2 Weeks Priorโ€”ยป โ€”โ€”Price 1 Day Priorโ€”ยป Run Gain/Loss
01/09/24 0.665 12/21/23 37.43 01/08/24 40.10 +2.67
10/06/23 0.665 09/21/23 33.29 10/05/23 31.82 -1.47
07/07/23 0.653 06/21/23 35.83 07/06/23 37.13 +1.30
04/06/23 0.653 03/22/23 37.31 04/05/23 40.11 +2.80
Div Total: 2.636 โ€œDivvy Runโ€ Total: +5.3

With the upcoming VZ dividend of 0.665/share set to go ex-dividend on 04/09/24, the stage is set for a potential Dividend Run encore. Will history repeat itself in this enthralling financial narrative?

Upcoming Dividend: 0.665/share
Ex-Div Date: 04/09/24
Payment Date: 05/01/24
Dividend Frequency: Quarterly
Full VZ Dividend History ยป

Indeed, the past is but a shadowy prelude to the future, offering us mere mortals a tantalizing glimpse into the enigmatic world of Dividend Runs. While no crystal ball can guarantee future returns, one thing remains crystal clear: VZ, with its implied annualized yield of 6.59%, is a beacon of promise beckoning savvy investors towards potential prosperity.

So, sit tight and keep your eyes peeled for the next Dividend Run contender. And if you crave real-time updates delivered to your doorstep (or rather, inbox), why not partake in the feast of knowledge by signing up for our complimentary Dividend Alerts service, courtesy of DividendChannel.com.

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