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The Unfortunate Plunge: Arm Holdings, Indie Semiconductor, and Logitech International All Tumble

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Following a disheartening week, technology hardware and chip giants Arm Holdings (NASDAQ: ARM), Indie Semiconductor (NASDAQ: INDI), and Logitech Holdings (NASDAQ: LOGI) all witnessed a significant decline in their shares. Alarming investors, the week saw a 16.9% slump in Arm Holdings, a 13% drop in Indie Semiconductor, and a 10.1% fall in Logitech International, as reported through Thursday’s trading by S&P Global Market Intelligence.

AI Optimism Falters Against a Tech Slump

While the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) chips continues to flourish within data centers, the surge in smartphone, PC equipment, and auto sales expected from the AI revolution seems further delayed. ASML Holdings, crucial for top-notch AI chips, reported unsatisfactory bookings on Wednesday, casting a shadow on optimistic growth forecasts. Following suit, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) presented robust earnings exceeding analyst projections but reduced its semiconductor industry outlook for the year.

Although Arm Holdings is soaring due to the rise of Arm-based CPUs in data centers, the majority of Arm chips are still entrenched in smartphones. With a sluggish recovery in the smartphone industry, TSMC’s gloomy forecast for the semiconductor market further clouds the prospects. Meanwhile, Logitech primarily offers accessories tied to new PC sales, facing a muted recovery amidst the tepid climate for technology sales outside AI data center chips.

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The Tumultuous Road Ahead

TSMC’s cautionary tale on auto semiconductor sales in the wake of a prolonged EV downturn spells distress. With dwindling hopes for recovery in the EV sector, Indie Semiconductor, specializing in auto chips, faces unfavorable headwinds. Coupled with soaring long-term interest rates, last week’s inflation spike elevated Treasury bond yields, diminishing future earnings’ present value, hammering high-multiple growth stocks like Arm Holdings, Indie Semiconductor, and Logitech International.

The ongoing hype surrounding the integration of AI chips into various devices is at odds with prevailing market conditions. Consumers remain hesitant amid soaring inflation and trepidations over high interest rates, punctuating the sobering realism that hindered the tech sector’s buoyancy fueled by AI optimism at the year’s outset.

Treading Cautiously in High-Stakes Waters

There is abundant talk around the town about AI chip proliferation, but as these offerings hit the market later this year, challenges loom large. With inflation steadfast and interest rates surging back to their previous highs, consumer spend on new tech gadgets like smartphones and PCs appears subdued. In such a turbulent climate, high-multiple tech stocks like Arm Holdings, Indie Semiconductor, and Logitech International have faced a jolting reality check.

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Billy Duberstein holds stakes in ASML and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing. His clients might hold shares in the mentioned companies. The Motley Fool positions itself in and recommends ASML, Logitech International, Nvidia, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, with full disclosure guidelines in place.

Opinions expressed herein belong to the author and do not necessarily align with those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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