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Unlocking Investment Potential: Top Value Stocks for March 20th

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For those seeking hidden gems in the realm of stock investments, there is a trove of value waiting to be uncovered. Here, on March 20th, we present three stocks with an allure that goes beyond mere numbers:

International Money Express IMXI: This company, akin to a finely tuned orchestra, conducts wire transfer and processing services with finesse. Nestled in the urbanity of the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, its melodies resonate throughout Latin America. International Money Express proudly holds a Zacks Rank #1 (Strong Buy) and has seen its Zacks Consensus Estimate for this year rise by 5.2% over the past 60 days.

Charting The Course for International Money Express Inc.

The path of INTERNATIONAL MONEY EXPRESS, INC. Price and Consensus

Heading towards success: INTERNATIONAL MONEY EXPRESS, INC. price-consensus-chart | INTERNATIONAL MONEY EXPRESS, INC. Quote

International Money Express boasts a modest price-to-earnings ratio (P/E) of 9.62, dancing gracefully against the industry’s average of 10.40. With a Value Score of A, it proves to be a harmonious choice in the symphony of value stocks.

Peering Through the Lens of International Money Express Inc.’s PE Ratio (TTM)



DNOW INC DNOW: Like a well-stocked pantry during a storm, this supplier of energy and industrial products stands as a beacon of reliability. Holding a Zacks Rank #1, DNOW has seen its Zacks Consensus Estimate for the upcoming year surge by 10.9% over the past 60 days.

Navigating the Waves of DNOW Inc.’s Price and Consensus

Mapping the terrain of DNOW Inc. Price and Consensus

Exploring new territories: DNOW Inc. price-consensus-chart | DNOW Inc. Quote

With a P/E ratio of 14.75, DNOW shines brightly against the industry’s average of 20.70. Its Value Score of A solidifies its position as a cornerstone in the fortress of value stocks.

Examining DNOW Inc.’s PE Ratio (TTM) Through a Telescope

A magnified view of DNOW Inc. PE Ratio (TTM)

Peeking closer: DNOW Inc. pe-ratio-ttm | DNOW Inc. Quote

International Seaways INSW: Much like a sturdy lighthouse guiding ships in the night, this tanker company specializes in transporting crude oil and petroleum products across vast expanses. Laden with a Zacks Rank #1, it has experienced a 16.1% surge in the Zacks Consensus Estimate for its current year earnings over the past 60 days.

Plotting the Course of International Seaways Inc.’s Price and Consensus

The trajectory of International Seaways Inc. Price and Consensus

Navigating success: International Seaways Inc. price-consensus-chart | International Seaways Inc. Quote

With a modest P/E ratio of 5.79, International Seaways rides the waves against the industry’s 8.10 average. Its Value Score of B positions it as a pearl amidst the sea of value stocks.

Pondering International Seaways Inc.’s PE Ratio (TTM)

Exploring International Seaways Inc.'s PE Ratio (TTM)

Delving deeper: International Seaways Inc. pe-ratio-ttm | International Seaways Inc. Quote

Amidst a market teeming with possibilities, these value stocks stand out like gems in rough terrain. A wise investor knows when to seize the moment, harness the opportunities, and set sail towards financial success.


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With robust earnings growth and an expanding clientele, this stock is primed to cater to the insatiable hunger for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things. Projections for global semiconductor manufacturing predict an explosion from $452 billion in 2021 to a staggering $803 billion by 2028.

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