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Brazil Enhances Security in Gold Mining Areas Brazilian government, miners join forces to improve security in gold mining areas

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Setting the stage for a progressive partnership, the Brazilian government has inked an agreement with mining companies to enhance security in gold and precious metals mining regions. The collaboration aims to conduct thorough studies and analyses that will inform the development of robust strategies to counter organized crime activities affecting these areas.

Leading the charge is the National Secretariat of Public Safety (SENASP), which will work alongside local communities and authorities to cultivate a comprehensive approach. The ultimate goal is to fortify defense mechanisms against criminal activities and foster seamless information exchange between mining firms and municipal, state, and federal bodies.

Ricardo Cappelli, Minister of Justice and Public Safety, emphasized the significance of mining companies as a linchpin of the Brazilian economy and a pivotal player in the nation’s trade balance. Highlighting the critical role of security, he remarked, β€œSecurity is one of the pillars for Brazil to attract investments.”

Beyond mining companies, the concerted effort will also incorporate other pivotal sectors, including banks and cash/valuables-in-transit companies.

With a targeted scope encompassing approximately 50 Brazilian municipalities engaged in gold and diamond extraction, impacting a total populace of 700,000, the alliance seeks to roll out a new protocol. This protocol precisely aims to propagate security and preventive measures to the residents of these mining areas.

Expressing concern over the prevailing scenario, Fernando Azevedo, Vice President of Ibram, underscored the vulnerability of long-term investments made by mining companies. He asserted, β€œIt only takes a few seconds for criminals to put an end to the efforts of long-term investments made by mining companies in their projects, which generate several benefits for the country and Brazilians.”


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