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Canadian Mining Capex Hits Decade High in 2022

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When market conditions are unfavorable and financing options are limited, companies tend to preserve capital. Conversely, when the outlook for demand and prices improves, firms accelerate their investment plans to enhance cash flow and profits. According to NRCan (Natural Resources Canada), Canadian mining capital expenditures (capex) reached a record high of C$16.9 billion in 2012. However, capex declined annually for the next five years, hitting a 10-year low of C$9.0 billion in 2017. This decline was primarily due to the supply catching up with demand, causing both metal prices and spending to decrease. Since then, capex has been gradually recovering, with spending returning to its pre-pandemic growth trend, indicating a positive outlook for the industry.

Source: NRCan

In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic initially caused metal prices to drop as global consumption was constrained due to response measures. However, prices later rebounded and surpassed pre-pandemic levels, especially in China, the world’s top consumer. At the beginning of 2022, several metal prices reached record highs due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This event disrupted supply chains, led to economic sanctions, and contributed to price increases for commodities like palladium, nickel, aluminum, and potash. Additionally, NRCan predicts that the clean energy transition will drive increased demand for critical minerals used in electric vehicle batteries, such as cobalt, graphite, lithium, and nickel.

In 2022, the entire Canadian minerals sector, including support activities for mining and downstream mineral-processing industries, experienced a 15% growth in capex, reaching C$17.7 billion. This growth signifies the sector’s vitality and potential for further development.

As an investor or trader interested in financial markets, understanding the dynamics of the mining industry can provide valuable insights for making informed decisions. By keeping an eye on key indicators like capex trends and geopolitical events impacting metal prices, you can strategically position yourself to take advantage of potential opportunities and manage potential risks.

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